What if we can find our missing particles and particles’ antiparticles?

For each basic particle of matter, there exists an antiparticle with the same mass, but opposite electric charge. Many remain ‘dark’ to us in the third dimension because the particles and antiparticles seem to spontaneously form and quickly annihilate each other–protons cancel antiprotons, electrons cancel anti-electrons, neutrons cancel antineutrons. For instance, the antiparticle to the electron, the anti-electron has exactly the same mass as an electron, but its electric charge is +1 whereas the electric charge of the electron is -1. When in contact, matter and antimatter can annihilate one another to produce pure energy causing us to wonder how we have any matter at all.

When a particle and its antiparticle come together they disappear into energy.

If matter and antimatter disappear into energy, why do we exist? But here we are living in a universe of matter.

The total energy of the universe is zero like a big sphere at rest before the big bang. Light, matter and antimatter are what physicists call positive energy. Many scientists believe there is an equal amount of negative energy stored in the gravitational attraction that exists between all the positive energy particles. The positive exactly balances the negative, so, ultimately, there is no energy in the universe at all.

Genesis 1:3 “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” After the big bang, light and particles and antiparticles exist and they begin by moving very quickly but the total energy/mass of these particles/antiparticles remain zero. All particles have antiparticles and the positive charges exactly balances the negative charges. The photon and anti-photon are the same particle of light which balances gravity– both at the speed of light. So again why do we have matter at all in our third dimension of existence?

What if the solution to our mystery is when particles and antiparticles come together their mass is converted to energy and put into different dimensions. Each dimension then operates in a different boundary of speed . Perhaps it is in another dimension which we cannot see because the energy/mass travel the speed of light or faster? A zero dimension could be an equal mass but opposite charge antiparticle/particle at ground energy or vacuum, no motion? Perhaps the big bang square root inversion accelerates the energy/mass into different dimensions creating matter (quarks) held together by gluons. To us in the third dimension the particles and antiparticles seem to spontaneously form and quickly annihilate each other and leave the third dimension. Perhaps annihilation is the wrong word. Perhaps instead with the help of the strong nuclear force (gluon) they spontaneously formed the energy/mass particles into a dimension and energy/mass antiparticles to another dimension but still connected (spooky action at a distance). For example–the tau (intelligence) family would be a total zero energy in a zero dimension because of absolute balance of negative and positive energy but the square root inversion caused the antiparticles to stay in no motion in the zero dimension (vacuum) and their connected particles move to the first dimension. Now with acceleration at the speed of light or faster (dark to us) the first dimension tau family (intelligences) particles could twist to form second dimensional muon family (spirit) particles still not visible in the third dimension.

But we are good detectives. What if the second dimension, dark matter (spirit) appears to still be there because of gravitational lensing? Energy and mass are equivalent but the faster an object moves the denser its mass and the slower the object’s space-time. Dark matter can be cold, warm, and hot which is a reference to velocity not temperature. What if the cold dark matter from the bottom up were to overlap or entangle with top down hot dark matter through a white/black hole? We could be left with some warm third dimension normal mass that we can see and are familiar with? This is because the particles now accelerate slower than the speed of light. Some of the tau family particles (intelligences) and connected muon family particles (spirit) would begin to slow eventually allowing the slower particles to overlap or entangle with the faster particles creating the third dimensional electron family (normal mass). Finally we would have particles (regular matter) in our third dimension.


“For, behold, I create new heavens [second dimension, spiritual dark matter?] and a new earth [third dimension, normal mass?]: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.” Isaiah 65:17

Leaving us in the third dimension still wondering where all the matter (mass/energy) is?

What if DNA is our personal Book of Life as mentioned in Revelation?

Bill Bryson in his best-selling book, “A Short History of Nearly Everything” (published 2010, p. 498), tells us to start with a cell. “Inside the cell is a nucleus and inside each nucleus are the chromosomes–forty-six little bundles of complexity, of which twenty-three come from your mother and twenty-three from your father. […] Chromosomes constitute the complete set of instructions necessary to make and maintain you and are made of long strands of the little wonder chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA.”

No wonder we call it DNA.

DNA is a molecule that contains the encoded genetic instructions that make up our physical being.

There is an ancient scripture recorded in Matthew 10:30 that says, “But the very hairs [cells?] of your head are all numbered.”

I am quite sure it does not mean we would be saved with every hair or cell we ever had.

We know every single cell in our body with the exception of a very few contain all the information needed to recreate our whole personal physical body. Imagine, just one of our cells is all that is needed to recreate us.

DNA might be considered our symbolic book of life as mentioned in Revelation 20:12, “And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books [history?] were opened: and another book [DNA?] was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.”

Hopefully our book of life is full of good deeds and good intentions besides the genetic code to to accompany our spirit to recreate our physical body as a resurrected everlasting body.

According to Bill Bryson in his book “A Short History of Nearly Everything” p. 498, “With a very few exceptions, every cell in your body–99.999 percent of them, say–carries the same complement of chromosomes. (The exceptions are red blood cells, some immune system cells and egg and sperm cells, which for various organizational reasons don’t carry the full genetic package.)”

Is it possible that the exceptions are not needed for the resurrected everlasting body. We will not need to eat so blood would not be needed to carry waste materials and nutrients. But we may want to eat for pleasure. Perhaps blood would be replaced with another type of fluid of immediate recycled energy particles. We are everlasting so there would be no need for some immune system cells because we would never be ill. We would be an eternal perfect age. There would be no old people so of course there would be no young people and therefore no reproduction so no need for egg and sperm cells.