One thought for man, one giant thought for mankind.

An excerpt from Chapter 5, Thought Travel, of the novel, Marty’s Dark Matter.

Marty’s mom was relaxing for a change, reading one of her science books. Marty thought she might do some reading as well, but as soon as she sat down, her mom had to tell her what she was reading.

“Were you aware,” Kat said, “that subatomic behavior is unbelievably different than any other movement we’re familiar with?”

I am now. Marty preferred reading her own book.

Off in the family room, Marty’s dad was watching the news, something about President Kennedy explaining the recent Bay of Pigs debacle, and Jackie was still downtown with her friends. Marty’s younger sisters, Bobby and Billy, were giggling playing board games in their room. Kat needed someone to talk to, and Marty was it.

“Atoms have always existed,” Kat went on, not waiting to see if her daughter was interested. “Scientists believe that atoms are composed of small subatomic particles of energy and quarks. I think everything originates from quarks containing intelligence.” She marked her page and put it down while picking up another book.

Since her mother’s conversion, Kat always had her scriptures close by. “Listen to this,” she said. She moved her reading glasses down from her forehead and flipped through the book. She stopped turning pages. “Isn’t it interesting that in the scriptures we read that ‘Adam’ means many, and in science atoms are many? You know, how both words are so close?”

Mom can digress on her digressions. “I thought we were going to talk science, not religion.” Learning was prestigious and could lead to a good job and money, but religion was an unproveable, unprofitable waste of time. She lowered her eyebrows as Kat managed to wander back on topic.

“But as I was saying, intelligences have always existed. Listen to this,” Kat repeated as she began reading. “‘Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be.'”

Trying to get her mother back to facts, Marty jumped in. “This is my theory.” It was always a battle between her and her mother to dominate the conversation. “I believe space is dark energy which appears as nothing, zero energy, because it is composed of equally negatively and positively charged energy and mass.”

“Light and truth.” Kat inserted.

Marty sighed.

Kat smiled. “From my way of thinking, the small vibrations inside an intelligence are possibly like bits of information in a computer, only all truth and much more complex. Intelligence has its own will to progress from this internal truth–from where life or the ability to act can eventually activate.”

Marty couldn’t help but think of the vast difference in size of these vibrating bits of information and the only computer she had ever seen, which filled a whole room. Her math class had visited the atomic energy site on the Arrow Desert. “If scientists are right, the quantum world of small opposite charged vibrations in each quark seems to be more like random thoughts with purpose, appearing and disappearing and then appearing again and traveling as fast as thought. What if, on a larger scale, we could travel at the speed of thought?”

Kat again took the religious route, “Maybe the intelligences making up the spiritual or resurrected body could travel the speed of thought from the intelligence mind command center.”

Marty looked at her mother as if she had crossed the line from rational thought.

Her mother continued. “What I’m saying is, it seems to be logical that if something in the subatomic world can travel as fast as thought, maybe someday we’ll discover how to ‘thought travel’ through space without being encumbered by physical mass.”

Wow, Marty thought. That was a huge quantum leap. Travel the speed of thought? That was interesting. Perhaps that’s what happens to the spirit when the body dies. It would be nice to think we actually go somewhere when we die instead of decaying back into dust. But common sense said she would eventually become nothing more than fertilizer for new life–no matter how her mother or her new church tried to put a different spin on it.

Jackie walked in the door just in time to meet curfew. Marty’s mind stayed on the former topic. Traveling the speed of thought by her own will was intriguing, but it offered some concerns. She couldn’t help but think how frightening “thought travel” might be with indecisive people.

“It would be a very dangerous form of travel for Jackie.” Marty smiled, which got Jackie’s full attention. “I can just see it now: ‘I should travel to Hawaii. No, Jamaica. No, I think Hawaii. No, better yet, Florida.’ And before you know it, Jackie would unzip right down the middle of her atoms.”

Jackie gave Marty a weary look that said, What are you talking about now? Their mom smiled. Jackie headed to bed, shaking her head.

Kat laughed, “I was referring to travel at fast or faster than light. Perhaps, until we’ve perfected our thoughts and will, the Creator will make the travel arrangements.”

Marty’s mind drifted. She found controlling other people’s will intriguing. If she could control people’s movement, she would be the one cuddling up with the handsome Taylor in the beautiful red Thunderbird instead of Kerry. Her mother’s belief that God didn’t control the will of others and would never allow such control was unfortunate. But when she thought of someone else controlling her, she decided it was for the best.

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