Consciousness drives the cosmos. Charity keeps it eternal.

Sir Roger Penrose one time said, “My position on consciousness demands a major revolution in physics. . . I’ve come to believe that there is something very fundamental missing from current physics. . . Our understanding at this time is not adequate and we’re going to have to move to new regions of science.” *

Anglican priest and science teacher, Don MacGregor recently suggested something to think about. “The prime mover in the universe is not matter, but consciousness. We are all a part of that consciousness and the world of matter arises from the collapse of quantum energy waves into quantum particles, brought about by the effect of consciousness on them. So consciousness brings matter into being. . . This is known as the Uncertainty Principle, by Heisenberg – the location of any particle is actually uncertain. What brings about the actuality of an electron from all the potential, possible locations, is being observed.: **

Marty had become uncertain, often writing and drawing about her quandary in her journal. She vibrated between two different entities – the brilliant, kind, attractive Ty and the personable, fun-loving Tom. She would have preferred to not be forced to make a choice. But here she was and it was decision day. Ty had reached his limit and had given her until the next morning to make up her mind.

She knew she was in trouble when Tom walked her home from her last class that Friday and Ty’s Thunderbird was parked outside her apartment. She quickly turned to Tom, “I can walk myself from here. I’ll meet you at the gate for the game at four.”

She may have gotten away with it but Tom had already seen the tall guy standing under the oak tree in front of her place. “No, I can see you all the way home.” Tom didn’t look happy as he added, “Do you know that person standing in your yard?”

She did and she vaguely remembered what she said as she introduced Ty and Tom to each other. They both seemed to catch on quickly, probably because she had become so uncomfortable. Before she knew it Ty had arranged with Tom to join them at the university football game that afternoon. The whole game was a blur except she remembered that Ty and Tom had a great time together, discussing the plays, the players they liked the best, etc. etc. etc.

The next morning Ty arrived for her answer. “Yes, yes, I will marry you,” Marty said as she jumped into his arms and slowly slide down. “That is if you will still have me.” She knew she had put off her answer to Ty’s proposal way too long, especially when he saw her with Tom. She had pushed him to the breaking point.

His loving kiss seemed to indicate she had been forgiven. She fixed him pancakes and bacon and orange juice. He needed to know how much she cared. She showed her feelings through service but struggled to express her emotions.

She remembered an earlier special evening; the evening Ty had proposed. He had gotten very philosophical. “Intelligences *** are the ground work of all creation. When intelligences progress to conscious awareness, and then to conscious spiritual beings, and onward to physical beings, our Creator allows us to make decisions. We then have choice in this wonderful existence of finding those we love and can love us.

“Our desire to be together forever rests on how much we can love and forgive, not only as couples but as fellow human beings. To create an eternal society our intelligence/conscious spiritual/physical selves must be trained and tested before we can become everlasting resurrected beings.

“It makes sense that only societies that have charity one for another will last and progress forever. After our earthly physical test, we will be sorted to live with those with whom we have most in common.” Ty had concluded his thoughts with, “When we marry, I want our home to be full of kindness and compassion as a precursor to an eternal home with these qualities.”

Marty worried that she could live up to his high standard. Fun-loving Tom had not placed such lofty expectations on their relationship.

This short side story agrees with the same timeline and events in Chapter 16 of the novel, Marty’s Dark Matter. To learn more about this thought provoking book- click M. KASEY, AUTHOR, above. The novel is best understood in paperback.

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  • *** Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:22
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