Consciousness is absolutely fundamental.

Quantum physicist, Erwin Schroedinger once said, “Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else.” *

So many people were moving into the newly popular little village of Freedom it was making parking harder to find. Maggie finally found a spot across the road from the new little café. Marty was in a good mood. She was home from college for the long weekend. Life was good. She and Ty had recently gotten back together and today she was having lunch with her best friend.

As they walked across the street to the restaurant their talking and laughing came to an abrupt stop. Pulling from the front street parking was Ty’s red Thunderbird and the only passenger, a blonde in the driver’s seat was unmistakably Ty’s former girlfriend, Kerry. Lunch was not as fun as Marty had planned. Maggie tried to cheer her. Both girls had lost their appetite and ate mostly in silence. “It may be nothing,” Maggie suggested. “You need to ask Ty about it when you see him tonight.”

That evening Ty took Marty to Alexander to see the newly released movie, ‘The Great Escape’ staring her favorite new actor James Garner. It didn’t disappoint. She had become very comfortable with Ty and curled by his side for the ride home. Rain was tapping the roof of the Thunderbird almost in tune with the slow swishing of its window wipers. She wanted in the worse way to ask about Kerry, but hesitated since Marty was still seeing her new college friend Tom on the weekdays and Ty on the weekends when he came to visit her at school. Life had become complicated.

The glare of lights on the rain made it difficult to see, just as she often had trouble seeing Ty’s views about the world. Ty was deeply religious and Marty was not. This prompted her to try to comprehend some of Ty’s philosophy. “I know the world believes we started as atoms to form molecules, interrelating in complicated ways until eventually life emerges with complex brains to coordinate with living matter. If I understand correctly, you believe it all began with consciousness not matter and the world has it backwards.”

Ty’s slight smile seemed to say the unusual comment coming from Marty was not unusual at all. “Yes, I believe it all started with consciousness, well at least intelligence. Little quanta of intelligences as the origin of everything, some of which progress to awareness. Not matter that creates consciousness but consciousness brings matter into reality.”

Marty drew closer to Ty as he continued to explain himself, “It’s sort of like the rain drops on the window forming from water vapor in the air. Water vapor is invisible and is everywhere, but when the circumstances are right, it condenses into visible, individual droplets. Similarly, when the conditions are right, quanta waves become individual particles that we can see and feel. Before observation, quanta are only waves of of intelligent possibility. Observation brings about the collapse of the possibility wave into a definite occurrence and splat the water hits the window.”

So behind the force of all matter, you are saying there was first the existence of intelligences?” Marty was trying to understand.

“There is a scripture that says, ‘Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be.’ ** That means intelligence or consciousness has always existed.”

This short side story agrees with the same timeline and events in Chapter 14 of the novel, Marty’s Dark Matter. To learn more about this thought provoking book–click M. KASEY, AUTHOR, above. The novel is best understood in paperback.

*Schroedinger, Erwin, 1984. “General Scientific and Popular Papers,” in Collected Papers, Vol. 4, Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences. Friedr. Vieweg and Sohn, Braunschweig/Wiesbaden. P. 334. ** Doctrine and Covenants 93:29

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