Genesis 1:1-2 In the beginning [Big Bang?] God created [from dark energy?] the heaven and the earth [dark matter?].

“Richard Dawkins believes all came about by accident. Common sense tells me this is not possible, but then Dawkins does not believe there is common sense.” Marty looked around the table before continuing, “But is it not interesting that we know our whole visible universe operates by the same laws of physics. Seems like sense in common to me.”

Ty had grown accustomed to weird conversations around the Hansen dinner table. In fact it was part of what had attracted him to the brilliant autistic, red-haired, green-eyed, Marty in the first place.

Marty’s Dark Matter is an intriguing life story salted with connections between scripture and science to spice up the reader’s life.

And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [ dark because not seen in our dimension?] was upon the face of the deep [dark energy quark-gluon plasma?].

And the Spirit of God [power?] moved upon [cosmic inflation?] the face [presence?] of the waters [dark energy?].

Marty liked to draw pictures of her speculations about the origin of the universe while she tried to remain down-to-earth in everyday life.

Marty wondered if dark matter is spirit created from dark energy intelligence, both described as water in Genesis?

Dark matter is a nonluminous matter not yet detected by astronomers that is hypothesized to exist to account for various observed gravitation effects.

As intelligent humans, one thing we should know for sure is nothing can be made from nothing.

Everything has always existed in some form or another. What if the most elementary particles are dark energy of quark-gluon plasma which is moved upon by the forces of nature?

“And the Spirit [power?] of God moved upon the face of the waters [dark energy?]” Genesis 1:2.

“God divided [square root inverted?] the light [particles?] from the darkness [antiparticles?]” Genesis 1:4. Still connected but in different dimensions.

“And God said, Let there be a firmament [dark matter?] in the midst of the waters [dark energy?], and let it divide [square root invert particles and their antiparticles?] the waters [first dimension dark energy?] from the waters [second dimension dark matter?].”

What if dark matter is fine spiritual matter, folded with more dark energy void giving it less mass density?

But we don’t see dark matter. All we see is bended spacetime light.

After two decades of trying, physicists at CERN have measured the light spectrum of antimatter, revealing that antimatter is the exact mirror image of regular matter.

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