In Psalm 51:6 Behold, thou desirest [consider?] truth [intelligence?] in the inward parts [qubits?]:

A guitar string at a quantum level, should vibrate as individual units of energy known as qubits. Quantum information platforms are based on qubits that talk to each other and photons are the carrier of choice at this time.

Marty’s life was a lie. If it hadn’t been for her fascination with scientific theory and scripture, she might have never seen the light. Purchase the novel Marty’s Dark Matter by M. Kasey at WiDo Publishing or where most books are sold.

Marty’s greatest desire was to recognize truth within the overwhelming amount of scientific theory. In her private moments she drew in her journal and speculated about what was real.

She had asked herself– what about a possible connection between intelligence and qubits? Computers have bits she reasoned– perhaps everything is composed of qubits of vibrating strings in their inward parts.

We are familiar with computers and their binary digit ‘bit’ which can be true or false, on or off, or zero or one as a basic unit. Quantum computers use ‘qubits’ which can be in one of two states like a ‘bit’ or multiple states at the same time.

Qubits can hold a zero, a one or any proportion of both zero and one at the same time producing information billions of times faster than bits. Qubits seem random, much like the uncertainty principle or our free will thinking.

“Intelligence [quanta?], or the light of truth [qubits of energy and mass?], was not made, neither indeed can be [always existed?].” Doctrine and Covenants 93:29

Everything is made of quarks and electrons. What if qubits made of units or quanta packets of information have always existed as vibrating strings in quarks? These internal qubit vibrations are said to determine personality and assignment of the quarks.

“All truth [qubits?] is independent in the sphere [energy electron and mass quark atoms?] in which God has placed it, to act for itself, as all intelligence [quanta of finite truth?] also, otherwise there is no existence.” Doctrine and Covenants 93:29,30 What if this is quanta with the progressive potential to be an entire intelligent entity such as ourselves?

This is SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT. If ancient scripture symbolically reveals the truth of modern scientific theory, there has to be an all knowing Creator providing the information about what is real — true.

Psalm 51:6 Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom [accumulated philosophical or scientific learning].

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