Time is relative, orbits are not.

If we could travel the speed of light, we wouldn’t age. “One percent of the speed of light would still be awfully fast, seven million miles per hour. It would take a little over a second to get from Los Angeles to New York. This is more than 10,000 times faster than a commercial jet,”Continue reading “Time is relative, orbits are not.”

Could the newly photographed black hole be Kolob?

“It could hold the secret of creation itself,” said Dr. Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at City University of New York. Enter M. KASEY, Author, to read a fictional life story and a nonfictional story about life. Thousands of years ago Abraham wrote about these black holes. “And the Lord said unto me: TheseContinue reading “Could the newly photographed black hole be Kolob?”