What if we live on a parallel universe with a physical third-dimension and a spiritual second-dimension?

“If you believe in life after death, you are a dualist,” says Richard Milner in article This radical theory suggests our universe repeats in cycles, Jan 6, 2022, GRUNGE magazine. Milner writes about Cyclic Conformal Cosmology Theory by Roger Penrose, Oxford physicist who won the Pulitzer Prize in Physics in 2020 for his work on black holes.

Highlights of Penrose’s theory as far as I am concerned are …

  1. The Big Bang will happen over and over again.
  2. The energy at the start of our universe was already evenly distributed.
  3. Light does not experience time because it does not have mass and therefore has no distance. Size would be irrelevant.
  4. The physical universe would retain the same shape but lose all its information, cycling through an eternity of endless expansions.

This may be a quantum leap (pun intended) but the theory seems to explain the physical universe’s energy to be used over and over again to create new universes to organize normal mass beings to progress to become resurrected beings. The progressive (retain information) resurrected beings in everlasting universes to organize more physical temporary universes. New universes with their continuous cycle of seven dimensions.

Perhaps everything has always existed as intelligences as zero-dimension space (energy) and one-dimensional progressive intelligences. Cycling to a second-dimension spiritual universe.

Then to a temporary three dimensional universe that ages and decays. The spiritual returning to a spiritual fourth dimension universe entangled with the physical universe to await resurrection?

Everything dark (unseen) by the temporary third dimension or cycle.

There would be more and more universes organized each with seven dimensions or cycles that allows intelligences to progress to spiritual and entangle spiritual with physical and then back to spiritual and then to one of three resurrected dimensions.

From here we would cycle to a resurrected everlasting dimension. The dimension would be determined by our progressive righteousness. The fifth dimension telestial universe, the sixth dimension terrestrial universe, and the seventh dimension celestial universe. A new universe of seven dimensions to be organized from the celestial universe. Penrose’s Big Bang happening over and over again.

“And they who keep their first estate [spiritual cycle?] shall be added upon; and they who keep not their first estate shall not have glory in the same kingdom with those who keep their first estate and they who keep their second estate [physical/spiritual cycle?] shall have glory added upon their heads for ever and ever.” Abraham 3:26

M. Kasey

What if a black hole and a white hole are the same conduit with opposite forces?

Joni Mitchell “…looked at life from both sides now. From up and down…”

The white hole region of space could be the conduit through which dark energy, tachyons of intelligences of light and information inflate outward to form spiritual dark matter.

Moses 2:1, “… yea in the beginning I [God the Father?] created the heaven [spiritual dark matter?], and the earth upon which thou standest.” After seven orbits or spacetime periods, some of the dark matter would become slower. The fast (hot) dark matter particles and the (cold) slow dark matter particles could possibly entangle to form normal (warm) physical matter.

The opposite force being the black hole region of spacetime where gravity captures pulling inward on mass as electromagnetism continues pushing outward on connected energy creating normal mass.

The fast dark matter particles from the top down to connect to same slow dark matter particles from the bottom up through a black hole to form our galaxy. This could happen in the first physical orbit. By the sixth orbit evolution would be prepared for living temporary entities. Moses 2:24-31

Maybe this is where smaller white and black conduits such as wormholes help to transport the spiritual entity to direct and become part of the organization of the physical particles into a physical entity through the birth process?

Energy and motion continue to slow and physical particles continue to age, die, and decay into dust. But the spiritual dark matter remains everlasting to form resurrected matter.

M. Kasey