Isaiah knew about the Big Bang long before Guth, Starobinsky, and Linde

To physicist Alan Guth, the father of cosmic inflation and professor of physics at MIT, the big question is “What was it that banged?

Both Marty and her sister Jackie had signed up for the Earth science class despite knowing their high school was too small for more than one Earth science teacher, their mother Kat.

Kat was excitedly drawing a big oval on the black board while expressing herself with outward hand motions. “It is true it was coined the Big Bang by Fred Hoyle in 1949 which unintentionally suggested the original energy of the universe was like an explosion.

Jackie and Marty grinned at each other. They had heard this before from table talk at home. They were signaling to each other what they both hoped – that this would be an easy A.

Kat continued, “The Big Bang wasn’t an explosion of matter, it was an expansion of space itself. It is better called cosmic inflation.”

Marty was glad her mom would not be adding the many references to stretching of the heavens found in scripture, like the one in Isaiah when Isaiah referred to God and how he stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in. Marty had to admit it is strange that scripture contains so many references to stretching of the heavens which is a phrase meaning similar to cosmic inflation. She thought the more interesting question was what came before the Big Bang.

Marty remembered Kat saying, “The universe is actually eternal, no beginning. Dark energy or intelligences always exist and God uses forces of nature to trigger the dark energy to square root invert. This energy travels through white wormholes pushing the dark energy and connecting to black wormholes using gravity pulling on the dark energy to turn it into spiritual dark matter. This goes on to produce normal mass, return it to spiritual mass, and then resurrected mass. The inflation never ends producing an infinite number of universes in an never-ending procession.” Of course her mother would not teach what she speculated about around the table at home.

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Genesis 1:3, Psalms 104:2, Moses 7:30, Isaiah 40:22

What if a black hole and a white hole are the same conduit with opposite forces?

Joni Mitchell “…looked at life from both sides now. From up and down…”

White holes are theoretical cosmic regions that function in the opposite way to black holes; such as, nothing can escape a black hole, pulling inward and nothing can enter a white hole, pushing outward.

Marty’s mother had become obsessed with a theory about the origin of the universe starting with dark energy void. “Marty what if the Big Bang is outward cosmic inflation through a white hole like gamma bursts?”

They were crawling on their knees in the potato patch putting potatoes in baskets. When the their baskets were full they dumped the potatoes into hundred pound gunny sacks to be picked up by the truck crew called buckers. The potatoes would then be taken to the spud cellar for winter storage to be sold when the market seemed best.

Why white?” Marty was not sure why she humored her mother by encouraging more speculation.

If everything began as intelligent dark energy and then some of it inflated to spiritual dark matter, it would be quick and bright, very white. Genesis tells us everything was darkness without form and void perhaps like equally negative/positive charged dark energy. Then the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters and there was light. In other words, God used power of outward strong, weak, electromagnetic force on the dark energy charges described as water and there was great heat and light forming spiritual dark matter.”

If I remember right, matter requires gravity.” At least it occupied Marty’s mind while she was doing the mundane, boring task of picking potatoes.

That is because there is an immediate dark hole braking or pulling inward by the force of gravity on the forming mass. God said let there be firmament in the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters. In other words, God used the force of nature, gravity, to control the inflating mist of the dark energy intelligences to form spiritual dark matter. Dark matter is a second dimension of one dimensional dark energy which explains the division of waters of dark energy from waters of dark energy now tangible dark matter.”

But where does normal everyday physical mass come from?” Marty looked at her watch, surely it must almost be time to stop for lunch break.

The gradual cooling of some of the dark matter could entangle with hotter dark matter which is really reference to outward velocity of the white hole or holes to form temporary physical normal matter in a third dimension from the inward braking from black holes. God created all things spiritually before they were naturally upon the face of the earth.

Marty thought a white and black hole conduit was interesting as a possible connection to the Big Bang of cosmic inflation. But then she spotted Bobby arriving with a lunch basket. “About time,” she said.

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Scriptural references: Genesis 1:2-7; Moses 3:5.