Dark energy is to us like the elephant is to the blind men.

Dark energy is an unknown form of energy that affects the universe’s accelerating expansion.

Marty was up to her elbows in soap suds as it was her turn to do the supper dishes. Her mother, Kat, was drying the dishes and had a captive audience for another of her theories. Marty’s sisters and father had deserted Marty and were in the living room watching T.V.

“Dark energy could be the void mentioned in the Bible. You know where it says in the beginning the earth was without form and void;”* Kat was in her usual fine form.

In all fairness to her mother, Marty had started the conversation with, “Do you think the universe is infinite? It had to have a beginning, didn’t it? What would be the most fundamental of all our universe?” To which Marty’s mother had suggested the most fundamental of everything might be dark energy.

“Dark energy is to us like the elephant is to the blind men. You know the parable about the blind men who have never come across an elephant before and had to imagine what an elephant is by touching it. Each feels a part, one feels the leg and imagines a tree trunk, another the trunk saying it is like a large snake and another feels the tail describing a rope, etc. etc.” Kat motions with her hands.

Marty chuckled remembering the story with the lesson that we all have a unique view of the world.

Kat continued, “We call dark energy ‘dark’ because no one can see it. It is likely Einstein’s cosmological constant. I think it is what everything is composed of and has always existed, infinite energy and mass.”

“So, no beginning, always existed?”

“Yes,” Kat replied. “Like the scripture which tells us there is something fundamental that has always existed. You know the one that says, ‘Intelligence or the light of truth, was not created or made neither indeed can be.’** Light could be reference to energy and truth reference to mass and reality.”

Kat went on to explain how the dark energy intelligence could be void space made of endless positive/negative quantum of zero-point energy not in motion but vibrating between the two opposite charges. She suggestd it would take a Big Bang cosmic square root inflation (Root 2) to move some of the two vibrations of energy into motion with mass to create our universe from the location of a more progressive universe.

Marty flipped her mother with soap suds, “Mom where do you come up with these things?”

Kat just laughed. “No really. Someday, maybe in the future we will not be so blind when it comes to dark energy.”

This short side story agrees with same story and timeline as Chapter 5 of the novel, Marty’s Dark Matter. To learn more about this unusual book — click M. KASEY, AUTHOR, above. Paperback is the best way to read and understand the philosophy within the pages of the story of Marty’s life.

  • *Genesis 1:2 ** Doctrine and Covenants 93:29
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