Why we will never see intelligent life out in the cosmos.

I think I know where everyone is hiding. It is just a theory but hear me out. Brian Greene in his amazing book, The Hidden Reality, (2011) page 170, suggests it is happenstance that, “We find ourselves on one such planet situated 93 million miles from our sun because that’s a planet on which our form of life could evolve.”

We know that our universe is finely tuned for life to occur and sensitive to fundamental physical constants with values that cannot differ even slightly or we would not exist. It does seem beyond mere chance that our universal home is programed for intelligent life. But among the millions of trillions of found planets, we haven’t as of yet seen or even heard from other intelligent extraterrestrials.

In order to be like us, our alien friends would need to live on a earth exactly like ours, the same 93 million miles from a sun exactly like ours, and a similar solar system exactly the same distance from a galactic center like ours–all with the same momentum and spacetime. I am sure other intelligent life-containing planets would not be clones, would be in their own space, with their own personality, but with the same momentum and position as our earth from their sun and from their galaxy center. This would put all intelligent life planets on the same timeline, some probably in our own neighborhood.

Thus there could be billions of solar systems containing a Goldilocks earth like ours in a same timeline even in our own Milky Way Galaxy. So why can we not see their past or for that matter, our own past light left behind? I would suggest we cannot see them, nor they us, because of the speed of light. Let me explain…..

When we look out into the cosmos all we can see is the past, not the present, not the future. Beyond solar systems, the distances to the other stars are measured in past light years. If we could pinpoint where our earth was in the past with respect to its position now and our galactic center, the light that came from the earth then has long since travelled beyond where the earth is now. The light reflected from our earth moves much more quickly than our earth itself moves. When we point a telescope to a position where the earth was it won’t show us the earth because the light coming from the earth at that time is already gone. It is because of the speed of light and our slower momentum that we cannot see ourselves or all other earths in the same momentum and position timeline. Nor can they see us or their own past because we are all in the same ‘now’ timeline.

Perhaps billions upon billions of fellow human beings are looking for us and wondering where we are and here we are just living next door looking for them.

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