M. Kasey’s New Novel

Andrew Stephens, Editor for WiDo Publishing: “Marty’s Dark Matter carries off the splendid achievement of seamlessly melding psychological drama, epic family saga, murder mystery, self-awareness, and deep philosophical musings of life, the hereafter, creation, religion and the meaning of life into an increasing immersive and gripping story.” M. Kasey: “Best way to enjoy this veryContinue reading “M. Kasey’s New Novel”

Do Mormons really know more…

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we have been blessed with the Bible and an abundance of extra scripture and modern day prophecy giving us somewhat an advantage. This website is dedicated to LDS discussion and opinion regarding the large amount of ancient scripture we have that agrees with modernContinue reading “Do Mormons really know more…”