Read Out of the Best Books

As religionists we function on deep feelings, discernment, inspiration; hardly acceptable to those scientists that worship the scientific method. Richard Dawkins counselled religionists to read more than one book. Dawkins is probably right, after all he went to the trouble of reading our Bible. We would do well to read about modern scientific theory andContinue reading “Read Out of the Best Books”

Elohim is a plural Hebrew word meaning — gods.

Excerpt from the novel, Marty’s Dark Matter: “Who created the Creator?” Marty baited Ty one evening. “You want my opinion?” He immediately took the hook. “Everything was not created but always existed.” “Everything is made of energy. Is that what you are trying to say?” Marty asked. “In a way, but then you’ve heard myContinue reading “Elohim is a plural Hebrew word meaning — gods.”